Few books in the history of Christianity are more important than The Pocket Guide to the Bible by Jason Boyett. And the ones that are, aren't nearly as fun to read. 

We believe that books belong on bookshelves and in people's hands, not in boxes in garages... unless they're car repair manuals. This book belongs in the place of honor in your house (and ours).

We first considered staging an Ocean's 11-style heist to remove the books from Jason's garage. But we rejected that plan since his city isn't built on water and thus lacks any way to swim under their home, dynamite the floor, and drop the books into a speed boat.

So, we decided to throw an online Pocket-Sized Garage Sale. 

We've set a goal to sell all 1400+ books in the next two weeks. This plan doesn't need dynamite and better yet, won't get us in trouble with the law.

But we DO need your help.

Order a book for yourself. Order one for the student you know who is graduating. Order a case for your youth group at church, or your Campus/Young Life group, or the students attending your summer camp. The possibilities are endless.